My name is Phillip and I am a sophomore, majoring in Computer Science at The University of Florida. I love combining beautiful design and sophisticated software to create impactful results.

I am currently a technical officer and UX designer for the UF Software Engineering Club, which is helping me learn modern front-end design and development tools and back-end knowledge such as database management, and learn how to automate process' such as programming social media bots. I am also a member of the Game Developers Association Club which is showing me how to lead and collaborate on large projects as well as develop my programming skills.
My other hobbies include playing ice hockey, working out and making digital art. After high school, I spent two gap years as a semi-professional ice hockey player. I am grateful for the lessons I learned and amazing people I met. Those years helped me become a great leader and communicator that knows how to click with diverse groups of people. I’m currently a part of the UF ice hockey team and hope to lead them towards some championships!